“Mi Vida Es Para Mí”, el nuevo adelanto de Soleá Morente

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“My Life Is For Me”, the new advance by Soleá Morente

Solea Morente publishes “Mi Vida Es Para Mí”, a song composed by her and Guille Milkyway (The blue House) as a preview of his next album.

The Madrid-born Soleá Morente has released the song “Mi Vida Es Para Mí” that she wrote with the member and founder of the Catalan group La Casa Azul, Guille Milkyway. Furthermore, the single is another preview of what will be her next album, which will be produced by the Catalan. After her previous releases, “Let's forget” and “Gitana María”, this single is a sincere and honest song by the artist, who tries to explain that everything in life changes.

As Soleá Morente has explained, this single has drawn on influences such as Weyes Bloodthe intimate Lorde And till tame Impala; all of them references for the sound aesthetics of “Mi Vida Es Para Mí”. And this third single that the singer offers us is without a doubt the most intimate and close project that she has released to date, raising the expectations that had already been placed on her next album.

On the other hand, Soleá Morente has three concert dates scheduled for these months. First of all, the May 10 will perform at El Jardín de Industrial Copera in Granada, the June 14th will perform at Las Noches del Botánico in Madrid and finally will give a concert on June, 15 in La Térmica Village in Málaga for free. You can get tickets through this link.

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