Morrete Fest 2024 completa su cartel

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Morrete Fest 2024 completes its lineup

The LGTBIQ+ Culture Festival of La Rioja, organized by Gylda, will take place from June 21 to 23 in the Revellín parking lot in Logroño.

Barbara Queen of Pantaloneta was in charge of announcing last Tuesday, April 30, at the presentation party, the complete poster of the Morrete Fest that the volunteers of the Gylda LGTBI+ association organize in Logroño.

Lapili, Nina Emocional, trashi, Lusillón and the Riojans 2mari DJswho closed the festival's presentation party at the Fundificación hall in Logroño, completed a line-up that already included, from June 21 to 23, a presence in the parking lot of the Revellín de María Escarmiento, Chico Blanco, Lil Ella, Venga, Bea and Futuregirlpop.

As in previous years, when the performances end, the music will move at dawn to the Maldeamores Club under the coordination of the DJ Alvaro McKenzie, who will perform on Friday the 21st; while the Biscayan DJ Alba Royo will be in charge of closing the room on Saturday the 22nd.

The festival is an initiative carried out by people from the LGTBIQ+ community itself, with groups from the collective and is aimed at all citizens with many cultural activities and performances by high-quality and emerging artists in the historic center of Logroño.

In June 2023, the event brought together 5,000 people and repeated its success with a special party during the San Mateo festivities. IN June it returns repeating the formula of previous years: after the Logroño festivities of San Bernabe and before the International LGTBIQ+ Pride Day, which is commemorated every year on June 28. It will therefore be one of the most massive events of the cultural leisure, informative and protest activities of La Rioja Pride, which will feature an exhibition, dance, theater and variety shows that will be announced soon and that will culminate with a march through the streets of Logroño on Saturday, June 29. Among these activities, Sunday, June 23, the so-called Morrete Family Campa leisure proposal for the smallest people in the house that Gylda launches together with other social entities and associations, and which has the Barbara Queen of Pantaloneta in front.

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