Monteperdido invitan a Aleix (Cala Vento) a su “Solo quiero hacerte llorar”

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Monteperdido invite Aleix (Cala Vento) to their “I just want to make you cry”

The Madrid quintet Monteperdido releases “I just want to make you cry”, the third preview of his next work. For the guitar solo they have had a special guest, Aleix Turon of Cala Vento.

This song ends the trilogy of singles that Monteperdido It began with “Al Amanecer” and continued with “Your name.” In this they continue with their vengeful narrative in a catharsis dominated by the enjoyment of doing evil. And they do it with forceful and melodious guitars, fast-paced rhythms, crazy energy and an emotional ending. Thus, the band makes a plea in favor of the explosion and fury of evil.

“I just want to make you cry” was produced and recorded by Borja Perez in Nice house during July 2023. In a special collaboration, the guitar solo belongs to Aleix of Cala Vento. The song was mixed by Borja Perezmastered by Victor Garcia in Grocery Mastering and edited by Boy Sound.

Monteperdido will have the opportunity to get on stage and defend this and all their other songs live on April 27 in the living room Copernicus of Madrid within the framework of Sound Isidro and, in summer, in the Canela Party from Torremolinos of the August 21 to 24.

The Madrid quintet is made up of five friends: Bego (vocals), Dani (drums), Diego (guitar), Tomás (guitar) and Willo (bass). Monteperdido They were born by self-releasing an album of the same name that has not stopped being talked about since its publication in December 2020. Songs that reflect the urgency and anxiety that pressures a generation that grows up in the midst of conflict. But, unlike other hardcore bands, Monteperdido They are defined by the musicality of their songs, pop anthems that grow between walls of guitars.

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