Exposición Mondo Sonoro: Tres décadas de historias

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Mondo Sonoro Exhibition: Three decades of stories

Next October, Sound World will celebrate thirty years as an independent and free musical medium. To celebrate, among other things, we are launching a traveling exhibition in collaboration with FNAC. He June 4 arrives in Barcelona with a very special presentation.

To start, write it down in your agenda. He June 4 at 7 p.m. we will celebrate a presentation of the exhibition in Barcelonaspecifically in the FNAC Triangle – the space that will host the exhibition Until the 8th of July–. In addition to those responsible for our publication, they will participate in the event Cala Vento and Lia Kaliwho will share with us their experience in the world of music as artists who have been carving out their career step by step from the most absolute independence.

Mondo Sonoro was born as an independent and free music venue in October 1994. Since then it has maintained its hallmarks, its philosophy, its work team, its large staff of collaborators and, above all, its way of understanding music, something that has structured our trajectory year after year. Throughout these three decades, Mondo Sonoro has been an indispensable part of the independent music scene of our country. And they have done it from the pages of their magazine, from their website, from their social networks and even from the various events they have always organized with emerging music at the center of everything. That a medium reaches three decades of history is not something that happens every day. Quite the contrary, it is a kind of event that very few headlines have reached. So, to celebrate it, there is nothing better than to briefly summarize in images some of the key moments in the history of the physical magazine and, with it, part of the musical memory of our territory.

We will do it through covers, photographs, posters, brochures and even group models. A sentimental, short and agile story, which we hope will give you a good time from the beginning. June 4 to July 8 at the FNAC Triangle in Barcelona. And remember, in addition to us, they will participate in the talk Lia Kali and Cala Ventowith whom we will talk about the current moment in our music scene.

A selection in which we will discover the first steps of the publication, some of the most emblematic covers, moments to remember, bets on the future, exclusive sessions and others. As we said before, the exhibition will be traveling and, after passing through Barcelona, ​​it will move to Fnac A Coruña (August 1-August 31) and Fnac San Agustín de València (September 9-October 15).

A modest exhibition made with great love so that it enters the eyes and, we hope, reaches the hearts of all the music fans who visit it.

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