Monarchy No: Caliphate ¾ sign a manifesto for the republic

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Monarchy No: Caliphate ¾ sign a manifesto for the republic

On the day that Princess Leonor turns 18 and signs her oath as heir to the Crown, today, October 31, a manifesto signed by more than 250 people vindicates the republic and calls for a social march on June 16, 2024. , on the 10th anniversary of the coronation of Felipe VI.

The manifesto, called “10 years is enough”, defends that the monarchy is “an obsolete institution, a holdover from the past.” Among the signatories are the members of Califato ¾ and Los Chikos del Maíz, as well as the musicians Salvador Amor and Manuel Callejo, the actors Carlos Bardem and Alberto San Juan, the comedian Facu Díaz and the journalist Cristina Fallarás.

The text argues that “the monarchy represents systematic corruption not as an isolated case, but as the characteristic that has defined the historical relationship of the House of Bourbons with the State”, and that, in addition, “it symbolizes the patriarchal institution par excellence in which power is transmitted by inheritance and where the prevalence of men over women is constitutionalized, against the most basic principle of equality between people.

The manifesto argues that monarchical power represents a “contradiction between monarchy and democracy” because “it is not only the king, it is also that privileged minority that rules without standing for elections, that entrenches itself in the State apparatus and in the councils of administration of large companies and does not accept popular sovereignty”, and calls for taking to the streets to claim that “the decline of the monarchy, democracy will make way for the republic of the 21st century.”

The full manifesto, also signed by the former vice president of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, or the environmentalist and feminist activist Yayo Herrero, as well as by several anonymous names, retirees, professors or doctors, is available on the ElDiario website. is.

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