Mon Laferte details his new album, 'Autopoietica'

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Mon Laferte details his new album, ‘Autopoietica’

Mon Laferte, one of the icons of current Latin American music, author of indispensable albums such as ‘SEIS’ (2021) or ‘Norma’ (2018), has given the details of her new album, ‘Autopoietica’, which will be put into circulation on November 10. Laferte’s last album, ‘Carmen 1940’, was released in 2021.

The tracklist is as follows:
01 Tenochtitlan
02 I swear I will come back
03 Set it on fire
04 No+Sad
05 Metamorphosis
06 Autopoietics
07 Block 16
08 Leviticus 20:9
09 40 and MM
10 Pornocracy
11 The Suicidal Lovers
12 Article 123
13 Mew Shiny
14 Chaste Diva

The titles of ‘Autopoietica’ marked in bold belong to songs that are already available. This is the case of the new single ’40 y MM’, which recovers the trip-hop sound also present in ‘Tenochtitlán’, only to break with it abruptly and surrender to salsa.

Autopoietics is a theory created by the Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana together with the neurobiologist Francisco Varela, which “designates the quality of a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself,” citing the medium Bio Chile. «This theory states that every living being is a closed system that is continually creating itself, so in turn it is repairing, maintaining and modifying itself. “Probably the most graphic example is that of a wound that is healing.”

In the words of Maturana, “living beings are molecular autopoietic systems, that is, molecular systems that we produce ourselves, and the realization of this production of ourselves as molecular systems constitutes living.”

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