Miguel Ríos celebra su 80 cumpleaños con el "Granada All Star"

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Miguel Ríos celebrates his 80th birthday with the “Granada All Star”

Granada prepares to celebrate the 80th birthday of Miguel Rios with All Star Grenadea charity festival that, in addition to the concert in the Bullring by the Granada rocker with The Angels, 091, Nick Lizard and Mutant Childrenwill feature exhibitions, conferences and a tribute to The pleasure is our'that will moderate Iñaki Gabilondo.

All Star Grenadecommemorates the 80th birthday of one of its most emblematic figures of national rock, Miguel Rios. Organized by the Miguel Ríos Foundation, this festival is not only a celebration of the legacy of an artist who marked generations, but also a vigorous declaration of the altruistic values ​​that he represents.

Of the June 6 to 8or, the stages of the Plaza de Toros, the CajaGranada Cultural Center and the Granada Congress Palace will be filled with music, culture and art. The most anticipated event will be the night of Saturday, June 8 at the Plaza de Toros, where a musical and audiovisual show will bring together some of the most influential bands on the Granada music scene. Groups like Los Angeles, 091, Nick Lizard and Mutant Children They will join Granada's favorite son, Miguel Ríos, on a musical tour that promises to be an exciting journey through the history and evolution of the city's music.

In addition to the stellar concert, the All Star Grenade It will showcase Granada's rich cultural tapestry through a diverse range of activities programmed throughout the weekend. From workshops to exhibitions and live performances, the festival seeks to not only entertain, but also educate and inspire. This event also serves as a platform to showcase the work of the Miguel Ríos Foundation, highlighting its commitment to charitable and community projects that have had a tangible impact on society.

Anni B Sweetalong with other artists, will offer a recital under the title Daughters of Rock & Roll while Luis García Montero and Juan VidThey will speak about the influence of music on the arts in what will be an unforgettable weekend for culture.

On Saturday, June 8, at noon, the Conference Center will be the scene of a unique and unforgettable meeting between Ana Belén, Joan Manuel Serrat, Víctor Manuel and Miguel Ríosto commemorate and honor the tour of The pleasure is ourmoderated by the journalist Iñaki Gabilondo.

Miguel Rios, reflecting on the purpose of his foundation, shares that his motivation has never been simply to reap what he has sown throughout his six decades of career, but to continue actively contributing to the community. “I want to sow, not reap,” he says, underscoring his continued dedication to service and mutual support.

He All Star Grenade“It is not just a musical event; it is an invitation to experience Granada in a unique and memorable way. It is also a call to people of all ages and musical tastes to come together in an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation for the music that has shaped and enriched the cultural life of the city.

For those interested in being part of this cultural phenomenon, the tickets for the Granada All Star are available for purchase at Ticketmaster and in the centers of The English Court. This event promises to be not only a highlight in Granada's cultural calendar, but also a fitting tribute to one of its most beloved sons and a weekend that will resonate in the hearts of attendees long after the last notes have been written. echoed in the historic walls of the city.

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