Michael Jackson's biopic already has a release date

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Michael Jackson’s biopic already has a release date

The biographical film of Michael Jackson, ‘Michael’, is getting closer. Specifically, one year and three months after its premiere. The biopic about one of music’s greatest legends will hit theaters on April 18, 2025, as confirmed by its distributor Lionsgate. The news also comes after its protagonist was announced: Jaafar Jackson, the artist’s nephew, will be in charge of playing him.

As reported a year ago, Antoine Fuqua is the one who will bring this production to the cinema, who has already made films such as ‘Redemption’ or the ‘The Protector’ trilogy. The film has the approval of Jackson’s team and is being worked on by Graham King, who produced the Queen musical biographical film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, making it the highest-grossing film of its genre in 2018.

“‘Michael’ will offer audiences a fascinating and honest portrait of the brilliant but complex man who became the king of pop,” reads the film’s synopsis. «The film presents his triumphs and tragedies on an epic and cinematic scale, from his human side and his personal struggles to his undeniable creative genius, exemplified in his most iconic performances. “Like never before, audiences will experience an inside look at one of the most influential and pioneering artists the world has ever known.”

Among the unknowns that remain to be resolved, the one that delves into the controversies of Michael Jackson stands out. Taking into account that the biopic has the approval of the artist’s family, will it directly address, for example, the accusations of sexual abuse of minors that have always revolved around the singer and that those around him have denied? Taking into account that its premiere is not until April 2025, it is likely that we will not hear of a trailer until after mid-year.

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