'Meu Amore' is another success from Sen Senra

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‘Meu Amore’ is another success from Sen Senra

Sen Senra continues to embark on the most ambitious project of his career, as ‘PO2054AZ’ is an album divided into several volumes. The first has been available since June and is one of the standout albums of 2023. It is the same one that contains at least two of the best songs of Sen Senra’s career, ‘I don’t want to be a singer’ and ‘One of those cats’.

In recent weeks, Sen Senra has been releasing new songs, but it is not clear if they belong to the first volume, as bonus tracks, or the second. One of those songs, ‘My friends think the same’, has the subtitle “this volume calls for an outro”, which invites us to think about the first option. ‘Crying x 1’, ‘Don’t worry’ and ‘Meu Amore’ have arrived next and would belong to the next volume.

This confusing strategy may lead one to think that Cristian Senra is publishing the outtakes of the first volume of ‘PO2054AZ’, but especially ‘Meu Amore’ is very far from being an outtake. It’s the Song of the Day.

Senra is going for it and in ‘Meu Amore’ he once again delivers a top-notch production. And there is a curious fact that is worth commenting on, since the main producer of ‘Meu Amore’, who uses the stage name of Jambo and has worked with Future or Kodak Black, is called Raül Bermejo (the umlaut is important so as not to confuse with the illustrator) and is Spanish. Of course, there is no more Spanish than the word “jambo”.

The music of ‘Meu Amore’, like that of ‘One of those cats’, once again creates magic from containment. Some guitar plucks introduce the recording, evoking the sound of Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’, but then some beats break the peace by attacking with force. ‘I’m never here’ by C. Tangana is once again an appropriate comparison even though it was not a direct influence.

‘Meu Amore’ is of course a love song, although Sen Senra’s point of view is different from that of 99% of mortals. When he sings that “you and I are the cult of an entire generation” it is impossible not to think that he is addressing his partner, actress Ana Rujas, directly. Among the sui generis rhymes, “they separate you I don’t know how many hours and that pisses you off / time is pressing, but it doesn’t suffocate me, if you’re my hottie.” Sen Senra, in her sauce.

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