Metronomy veranean con Miki y Faux Real en “Contact High”

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Metronomy spends the summer with Miki and Faux Real in “Contact High”

The British band Metronomy shares “Contact High” in collaboration with the Franco-Korean singer Mike and the Franco-American duo Faux Real. A theme that appears in his new work “Posse EP Volume 2”.

Metronomy have opened a new chapter in their long and colorful musical life. This is a collaborative stage in “Posse EP Volume 2”. This spirit can be heard in the new summer single “Contact High”, which features the fun and energetic hooks of the French-American brothers Faux Real and the silky smooth Franco-Korean vibes of Mike.

Throughout its five songs, the founder and central figure of the band, Joe Mount, goes on to play the role of producer. Thus creating musical worlds in which new singers and artists can add their voice to the festive instrumentals that characterize the band. In this EP, the artists appear Nourished by Time, Lynks, SPIDER, Amsterdam Bread, Master Peace and TaliaBle.

The era of EPs, “Posse” first arrived to fans in September 2021, when mount He launched Volume 1, a five-track collaboration with a bubbly selection of new friends. This project represents a way to continue connecting with new music while Metronomy embrace your own long-term vision.

“It's realizing that you have value within the music industry,” he says. mount“for newer artists you can do something. You have a reach that they don't have and that excites them. It's a great way to feel connected to a wave like the one I was a part of.”

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