Meritxell Neddermann, in Girando por Salas, "lets go"

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Meritxell Neddermann, in Girando por Salas, “lets go”

Meritxell Neddermann is a pianist, singer, producer and composer from Maresme who practices a neat mix of pop, jazz and electronica. Neddermann has published two studio albums, ‘In the Backyard of the Castle’ (2020) and ‘Suelta’ (2023) and has recently served as pianist on Jorge Drexler’s tour and collaborated on Xoel López’s latest album.

Neddermann, who studied music first in Boston and then in New York, lets the American pop of bygone days permeate his music. The electric piano is one of his favorite instruments and the one that plays in two of his best songs. On the one hand, the pizpireta ‘Queda’t més’, a collaboration with his sister, Judit Neddermann, looks in the mirror of Steely Dann. On the other hand, ‘Restaurant at Sea’ adds some nice finger snaps to the same formula.

But Neddermann has also taken an important step forward towards electronic music on his new album, ‘Suelta’. If the first one did not completely “let go” of his jazz roots, in ‘Suelta’ the careful vocal arrangements of ‘Suelta’ or ‘Déjame’ evoke those of Radiohead or Imogen Heap. The songs can be as experimental as ‘Amiga’, but, later, the jazz fusion base makes itself felt again in another of Neddermann’s best compositions, ‘T’esperaré una mimica més’.

Neddermann is one of the artists selected in the current cycle of Girando por Salas. He will perform at the Sala Creedence in Zaragoza on April 20 (tickets), at the Sala Siroco in Madrid on April 21 (tickets), at the Café Cultural Aurense in Ourense on April 26 (tickets), at the Casa das Crechas in Santiago de Compostela on April 27 (tickets), at the Krazzy Kay room in Cambados, Pontevedra, on April 28 (tickets), and at the Mister Witt Café in Cartagena on May 9 (tickets).

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