Merche "reopen your mind" in 'I am a Survivor'

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Merche “reopen your mind” in ‘I am a Survivor’

There must have been something about the 2000s that seems like the artists have agreed to return to that date. By artists we understand two divas of their time: Chenoa and Merche. While the first is back in Operación Triunfo (although this time as a presenter), the second arrives ready to remind you of one of her greatest emblems: “Open your mind and you will discover what people enjoy in life.” Who doesn’t know ‘Open Your Mind’? The song, which belongs to his second studio album ‘Auténtica’, is now 20 years old. And if at that time it didn’t seem like a classic in their catalogue, today it is.

But if for some strange reason you don’t know her legendary song, she wants you not to miss out on listening to it. And if she does it by releasing new music, she will think that all the better. That is why she herself has published ‘Soy Surviviente’, a song in which she looks back until she returns to the moment of ‘Abre Tu Mente’. And returning to the moment of ‘Abre Tu Mente’ means not only remembering her story, but bringing back her iconic chorus and melody. What has always been considered a sample, but in the “Merche style.”

“And I am a queen, but I didn’t see it / I don’t know how many times you told me that I wasn’t worth it,” Merche sings in ‘Soy Surviviente’ before ‘Abre Tu Mente’ appears to mix up the narrative. This detail explains why we are facing a song of empowerment, since the 2004 song became a hit over time for serving as an anthem for oppressed groups, which happens again in this second part. “I have been reborn, I am another woman, and nothing scares me anymore,” she says in a single that begins like ‘Si NoEres’ by Iñigo Quintero and ends like ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus.

After the release of ‘Una Y Otra Vez’, in which he samples ‘No Me Pidas Más Amor’, and ‘Mi Friend María’, where he does the same with ‘Le Deseo’, this is the third installment of ‘After un tiempo’, the next album from the Cádiz native. The project will be made up of unreleased songs based on some of the most important songs of Merche’s career, which will tell how those stories have evolved over the years.

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