Maximum freedom with Cochlear wireless accessories

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Maximum freedom with Cochlear wireless accessories

The benefits of any wireless device is the absence of cables. However, sometimes certain products in this category require an amplifier that ends up connected by cable or worn around the neck. It is not the case of Cochlear’s new wireless accessoriesthat They offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort by not requiring any type of physical connection or complementary support.. Do you want to get to know them a little better?

The new Cochlear wireless accessories, apart from not carrying any cables, use the same 2.4 GHz technology platform as Bluetooth devices® and Wi-Fi of regular use. In this way, they have the most advanced wireless technology system, apart from being the standard.

The way to synchronize these devices is very simple. Simply press the link button and turn on the sound processor. In a few seconds you will be connected. And once the accessories are paired, the user can easily turn them on and off with the push of a button. If the connection is interrupted – for example when you go out of maximum range – the device will automatically reconnect when it is back in range.

Cochlear currently offers three different wireless devices, each offering an interactive demonstration on its website:

  1. The television transmitter.
  2. The mini microphone.
  3. The phone clip.

In addition, these accessories allow better hearing performance in situations that often pose a challenge for cochlear implant users:

  • Hear from a distance.
  • Understand the conversation on a mobile phone.
  • Understand speech when there is noise.
  • Listen to television at the desired volume.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Cochlear released this video in which it shows some of the advantages of its accessories on such an important day as February 14.

Those interested in purchasing any of these wireless accessories can do so by going to one of the centers UMusic IAI with Implanted Care Service.

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