Maximiliano Calvo comparte su “Libros de autoayuda”

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Maximiliano Calvo shares his “Self-help books”

The Argentine artist living in Madrid Maximiliano Calvo has released “Self-help books”, the second preview of his next EP.

The musician has created an intimate song that refers to his native Argentina and draws on the most lyrical indie rock to open his soul. “It is a premonitory song that talks about my current life after a time in a Rehabilitation Center written before entering, with the desire to see a light that I could not find,” explains Calvo. The Argentine assures that in “Self-Help Books” coexist The Beatles, Bowie, Roy Orbison, Dylan, Wilco and The Rolling Stones, all of them artists and bands that accompanied him during his adolescence. And he does this under a lyric that calls to forget the substances in which he took refuge, the pain that all that caused him. It is a song of improvement with an epic ending that opens towards a new awakening, picking up the baton of the first preview, “Flores de plastic”

“Self-help books” has all the DNA of Maximiliano Calvo, a song that refers to his land and that draws on the most lyrical indie rock. One of the Argentine's most sincere songs, which opens his soul and launches verses that are daggers to the heart. The song was produced by him and followed by his co-worker, Stefano Mascardiwhile Bald He entered the rehabilitation center. Lucas Stone Cave took charge of the mixing and Fred Kevorkianfrom NY, from the master's degree. The strings are The Cellistwho was conducting the orchestral part of the tour “Neither Sing nor Tune” of C. Tangana.

The EP of which the single will be a part will be a journey through the bowels of the artist, who is immersed in a stage of complete change in which he opens up completely through his songs and shows us the person he was and the person he is now. In short, it is the result of the union between a lot of friends and professionals. “Sometimes when you do things well you don't need 'Self-Help Books' because you have already asked for help before, you take the right path, and there are the people who love you to achieve not only this beautiful ballad but that feeling of trusting again. music. I hope you like it,” he concludes. Bald.

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