Marlena, the most listened to on Spotify at Benidorm Fest 2024

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Marlena, the most listened to on Spotify at Benidorm Fest 2024

This Saturday Spotify has published the streamings corresponding to Friday, December 15, the day on which the songs aspiring to win Benidorm Fest were uploaded to platforms. The winning song at the moment is ‘Summer Love’. The duo Marlena, like Lérica, came to the contest with already a million listeners on Spotify, so we can understand that they started with the advantage of having a loyal base.

Both Lérica and Miss Caffeina, which have almost half a million listeners, appear in this top 8 of the most listened to. Why a top 8? Because those will be the formations that will go to the final of the contest. In the absence of finding out how the songs evolve in the coming days, among the songs that have aroused the most enthusiasm at the moment are the very Quevedo ‘Brillos platino’ by Almacor, the Mantra song that references Álex and Christina, the showy ‘Zorra’ by Nebulossa, the song produced by Nacho Canut by Sofia Coll, and the rocker song by Angy. Among the hypothetical eliminated, the St Pedro bolero would stand out, initially the favorite of our audience according to this survey.

As you know, plays on Spotify can be highly manipulated by the support of playlists. In that sense, Nebulossa has to celebrate having reached the top 5 on the first day without even having appeared in Novedades Viernes España (300,000 subscribers), where it has supported this resulting top 4 or Miss Caffeina. In fact, the playlists that are supporting Nebulossa the most are Benidorm Fest (22,000 subscribers), Top Alexinos (11,000) and Ready for the Weekend by JENESAISPOP (6,000). I insist: that top 5 with this very modest support has a lot of merit.

For their part, Alberto Jiménez’s team has to celebrate that ‘Bla Bla Bla’ has been accepted on Todo Indie, a playlist with 700,000 subscribers, which may be decisive for its development in the coming days. ‘Two Strangers’ by St Pedro has not appeared on Novedades Viernes España, but it has appeared on a playlist called Mixto, which another 700,000 people follow. We will continue to pay attention to the evolution: let us remember that last year, the winning song ‘EAEA’ by Blanca Paloma was not the most listened to, and that the success of ‘Nochentera’ by Vicco, ultimately 5 times platinum, was very little cooked bit.

The most listened to from Benidorm Fest:
1.-Marlena / Summer love 63,663
2.-Almacor / Platinum glitters 51,034
3.-Mantra / You will see me 50,501
4.-Lyric / Astronaut 45,830
5.-Nebulossa / Zorra 40,361
6.-Miss Caffeina / Bla Bla Bla 39,367
7.-Sofia Coll / Here to Stay 34,769
8.-Angy / I know who I am 33,329

9.-St Pedro / Two strangers (string quartet) 31,639
10.-Noan / I miss you – 26,613
11.-Yoly Saa / I don’t forget 26,400
12.-María Peláe / Sender 24,342
13.-Jorge González / Caliente 24,286
14.-Dellacruz / Kiss in the morning 22,477
15.-Quique Niza / Prisoner
16.-Roger Padrós / El Temps 14,961

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