Marisa Paredes and Miguel Ríos support Sánchez in an event

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Marisa Paredes and Miguel Ríos support Sánchez in an event

This Sunday an event was held in Madrid, organized by CCOO and UGT, in support of Pedro Sánchez, who at 11:00 a.m. this Monday will announce whether he will resign or not, after 5 days of reflection in which he is considering whether the hoaxes that he and his family suffer, recently accepted in court, “are worth it.”

At the event, held one day after the demonstration of PSOE militants and sympathizers in Ferraz, “democratic legitimacy, respect and coexistence” were claimed, in the face of “hatred, impudence and lies” that endanger coexistence.

Among the cultural personalities who attended Sunday's event, Marisa Paredes and Miguel Ríos stood out. The actress has read a text by Almodóvar, who is filming in New York and she wrote a column for El Diario on this topic. For her part, she said that it is “truly exciting that we go out into the streets, that we do acts of support for democracy, for Pedro and for democracy” and she was visibly moved: “but are we not going to do anything when we see that the country is in a really dangerous moment?

The letter written by Almodóvar and read by Paredes says that what happened “puts in danger our meager democracy, already diminished and imperfect. What is happening is very serious. “It concerns all of us citizens and all of the political parties that have forgotten about us for so long.”

Miguel Ríos has praised Pedro Sánchez for being the politician who “has put the name of Gaza and the dignity of the inhabitants of the strip at the forefront of his thoughts.” Other artists present were Loles León, José Carlos Plaza, Rosa León, Olga Rodríguez, Juan Miguel Hernández León and Benjamín Prado.

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