Mario Cobo vuelve al frente de Los Crujidos con “Suspiro Final”

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Mario Cobo returns to lead Los Crujidos with “Suspiro Final”

The new raw rock and roll band from Barcelona The Crunches has presented “Suspiro Final”, his latest single, inspired by film noir.

This song is a preview of the new album by The Crunches, planned for this year. The training is made up of two former components of Nu Niles: guitarist and vocalist Mario Cobo (also former guitarist of Loquillo) and the drummer Blas Piconas well as the double bassist Javier Cortes (Los Locos del Oeste and Los Torontos).

“Final Sigh” has been half written between Picón and Cobo. This is a song inspired by artists from Rockabilly as Jody Reynolds which becomes a film noir scene, one of those in which the protagonists were never going to end up successfully. With a clear and bold vision, the band has embarked on a mission: to recover the essence of the genre and offer audiences a vibrant musical experience. Their main goal is to have fun both on stage and with their loyal audience.

The members of The Crunches They have already started working on recording the songs that will be part of their next debut album, composed of original songs that aim to capture the rawness and energy characteristic of the Rock And Roll. Plus, they have a surprise in store for the band's fans. Nu Niles: They will recover some songs from their previous repertoire giving them a new life under the renewed essence of the band. This will add an additional dose of nostalgia and excitement to the work for fans who have followed the career of these musicians over the years. The release of the album The Crunches It is planned for the coming months. At the moment they have already published three singles in streaming: “El tren de hasas blanca”, “Unminute and a half” and “Adiós, Bye Bye!”.

At the moment, the Catalans have two closed dates to start presenting their work in their city and in the capital, on October 4 at the Sala Laut and the following day, the 5th, at the Clamores hall in Madrid.

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