Marilia Monzón "dances with herself" and announces GPS tour

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Marilia Monzón “dances with herself” and announces GPS tour

There are songs that have a clear anthem flavor. Whether because of their message, the rhythm of the music or the circumstances that surround them, there are songs that exude so much power that their mere nature makes them feel that way. And, as if it had been created to be, ‘Bailo Conmigo Misma’ is one of them.

Marilia Monzón presented her album ‘Prenderé Una Velita’ at the end of 2023. The album, made up of ten songs that make him travel to her Canarian land, is the “eternal memory of the women in her life.” That’s exactly what brings out the hidden gem in ‘Bailo Conmigo Misma’, the track that closes it. The artist pays tribute to herself in a song that she sings strongly about self-esteem and the beauty of simply being.

“I dance and I can’t stop, I can’t stop crying,” confesses Marilia Monzón as soon as the first chord of the song sounds and repeating in each chorus. This is the key to the entire narrative of ‘Bailo Conmigo Misma’, in which the dance represents acceptance and the tears symbolize the struggle behind it. The theme is a journey through the importance of loving yourself, and Monzón walks the path in a wonderful way.

The artist does not look for anyone to dance with nor does she repress or feel ashamed of her desire to cry. But this has been a consequence of hard work of perseverance and improvement. «How long have I had to wait? / So I can learn to dance it alone? », she asks herself, alluding to her lowest moments. The constant verse of the chorus, reminiscent of Rosalía’s ‘Baghdad’, expresses her triumph after perseverance.

As if it were a hug that the singer gives to herself, ‘Bailo Conmigo Misma’ is an anthem that does not need a recipient. There is no romance, no breakup or politics, just the portrait of each of us. And it will almost certainly be one of the star songs of her next tour. Kicking off on February 22 in Madrid, the artist will tour the country, in part with the help of Girando por Salas. Perhaps, then, she continues to dance with herself while she dances with others.

First announced dates of Marilia Monzón’s tour:
Madrid, Sala Galileo Galilei – 02/22/2024 – Buy tickets
Granada, Taberna JJ – 04/04/2024 – Buy tickets
Seville, Fun Club – 05/05/2024 – Buy tickets
Málaga, Theclub – 05/06/2024 – Buy tickets
A Coruña, Mardi Gras – 04/18/2024 – Buy tickets
Vigo, The Chocolate Factory – 04/19/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)
Toledo, Sala Pícaro – 04/26/2024 – Buy tickets
Vitoria, Le Coup – 05/10/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)
Burgos, La Rúa – 05/11/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)
Zaragoza, La Casa del Loco – 05/24/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)
Huesca, Sala El Veintiuno – 05/25/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)
Alboraia (Valencia), La Casa de la Mar – 05/26/2024 – Buy tickets (GPS)

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