Marantz NR1506, NR1606 and SR5010

Audio equipment

Marantz NR1506, NR1606 and SR5010

A new generation of audiovisual receivers that combine audiophile spirit with cutting-edge 4K compatibility

The legendary Japanese brand Marantz just announced the launch of three new A/V receivers with networking capabilities: the ultra-slim design models NR1606 and NR1506 and the large format model SR5010. All of them include the latest in audio and video technology along with wireless connectivity, great ease of use and environmentally friendly performance in terms of consumption. And, of course, they share the sound quality that has given Marantz such a reputation.

With an elegant and sophisticated appearance, the NR1506 It houses a five-channel amplifier with a power of 85 W per channel that allows it to provide a powerful sound combining punch with respect for the most delicate details. Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, the NR1506 can access a virtually unlimited number of music sources, for example via the Internet Radio, Spotify Connect and AirPlay. You can also play music files stored on a PC or external storage drive thanks to its support for the network streaming standard. DLNA. Thus, it allows you to play almost any audio file, high resolution formats FLAC HD, ALAC, WAC192/24 and DSD included, while the front panel iPod-compatible USB digital input rounds out your powerful connectivity options. Regarding the video section, it should be noted that it is fully compatible with very high resolution 4K/Ultra HD signals, as well as the most advanced version of the HDMI interconnect format, allowing it to route 4K signals at 50/ 60 Hz, while the approval HDCP 2.2 ensures perfect reproduction of 4K content with copy protection. The NR1506 also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Wide Color Gamut, key components of the video specification. 4K/Ultra HD BT.2020. It has 5 HDMI inputs, including one strategically located on the front panel, all of them HDCP 2.2 compatible.

The configuration of the NR1506 It’s easy with the help of the Hybrid Graphical User Interface (GUI), Setup Assistant and the famous Audyssey MultEQ room calibration, while the Marantz “Remote App”, available for iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to Normal operation of the device is child’s play.
Sharing the same aesthetic beauty of the NR1506, the superior NR1606 It is a 7.1 channel design equipped with a decoder Dolby Atmos and a post-processing circuit Dolby Surround to provide multi-dimensional sound through ceiling speakers or specifically designed for the Dolby Atmos. In addition, it is compatible with the DTS:X and DTS Neural:X algorithms, which are capable of creating an absolutely enveloping sound field around the listener regardless of the number of speakers installed. The NR1606 also includes a highly advanced video section that allows you to upscale analog and digital content up to “Full HD” (1080p) or even 4K for the ultimate viewing experience. There are a total of 8 HDMI inputs, enough to connect all the digital devices one may have. He NR1606 It is even capable of providing sound for a second zone, while incorporating a Marantz Advanced Graphical User Interface to maintain perfect control over all its operational possibilities.

First of the models in the new range of standard format A/V receivers for 2015, the SR5010 houses within it the capacity to deliver 180W of power per channel to provide sound even in large home cinemas. It includes the same functions as its little brothers, but it is a leap to a higher level, particularly regarding the audio aspect. Thus, the entire internal circuitry further improves the sound quality by handling the audio signals through the exclusive modules HDAM with Marantz Current Feedback topology before they reach the speakers. Another step forward in the area of ​​flexibility of use is found in the presence of a second HDMI output to simultaneously connect a television and a video projector. A 7.2-channel capable preamp section and RS232 connection make the SR5010 It is very attractive even for installation in customized systems.

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