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Manuel Turizo, Feid and Aitana triumph at Los 40 Music Awards

Last night the 18th edition of Los 40 Music Awards was held, the awards that Los 40 organizes every year with the intention of bringing together some of the most outstanding singers on the Spanish scene. Among the guests, Aitana, David Bisbal, Ana Mena, Lola Índigo, Abrahan Mateo, Vicco, Álvaro de Luna, Chanel, Saiko or Rels B.

However, the ceremony had a lot of Latin touch: Colombians Manuel Turizo and Feid became the most awarded artists with 3 awards each. In addition, the female artists were the ones who once again gave the best performances. Lola Índigo and Ana Mena offered their usual show, while Aitana performed her controversial dance on stage.

These are the winners of the most important categories and some of the performances:

Spain Category: Best Artist
Ana Mena – WINNER
Alvaro de Luna
Lola Indigo
David Bisbal

Spain Category: Best New Artist
Vicco – WINNER
Charlie USG
Mar Lucas
Paula Koops

Spain Category: Best Album
Aitana – alpha – WINNER
Lola Indigo – The Dragon
Manuel Carrasco – Heart and Arrow
Ana Mena – Bellodrama
Quevedo – Where I Want to Be
Beret – Resilience

Spain Category: Best Song
Álvaro de Luna – Todo Contigo – WINNER
Aitana – Los Angeles
Vicco – Nighttime
Lola Indigo – The Fool
Chanel – Clavaíto
Rosalía – Kiss

Spain Category: Best Video Clip
Aitana – Las Babys – WINNER
Nil Moliner – Fly High
Paula Cendejas – Selena
Marc Seguí – 5 stars
Abraham Mateo – Maniac
Leo Rizzi – There Will Not Always Be Paris

Spain Category: Best Collaboration
Chanel and Abraham Mateo – Clavaíto – WINNERS
Lola Indigo and Quevedo – El Tonto
Marlon and Álvaro de Luna – I forgot to forget you
Aitana and Rels B- miamor
Manuel Carrasco y Morat – Until the Morning
Pablo Alborán and María Becerra – Friends

Spain Category: Best Tour
Lola Indigo – El Dragón Tour – WINNER
Love the twenties
Pablo Alborán – The Fourth Sheet Tour
Aitana – alpha Tour
Ana Mena – Bellodrama Tour

International Category: Best Artist
Loreen – WINNER
Dua Lipa
Olivia Rodrigo
Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
Sam Smith

International Category: Best Album
Taylor Swift – Midnights – WINNER
Lewis Capaldi – Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent
Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacations
Sam Smith – Glory
Ed Sheeran – Substrac
Olivia Rodrigo – Guts

International Category: Best Song
Dua Lipa – Dance The Night – WINNER
Rema – Calm Down
Miley Cyrus – Flowers
Calvin Harris – Miracle
Loreen – Tattoo
Sam Smith – Unholy

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