Maluma announces in 'Procura' that he will be a father

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Maluma announces in ‘Procura’ that he will be a father

Maluma has surprised his followers with the announcement that he is going to be a father. He did it in the middle of a concert in Washington, where he premiered the video clip of his song ‘Procura’, in which he took the opportunity to reveal the news.

«Today is one of the most special moments of my life and I want to broadcast it live. “You have been there from the beginning and you deserve to know it too,” the singer wrote hours before the concert on his Instagram account, excited to share his paternity.

What was apparently just the premiere of a new video clip was about to become one of the artist’s most intimate revelations. “I want to take this moment to greet all my friends who are out there, my family, my parents. And my girlfriend who is there, I love you. “So many years looking for love on the outside and I didn’t realize that she was there next to me, I love you, my life,” Maluma explained before giving way to the video.

The video clip is for the song ‘Procura’, from the album ‘Don Juan’ that he is promoting on tour. In this one, starring Maluma and his girlfriend Susana Gómez, you can see some of the beautiful moments that the couple has experienced. However, the scene that impacts is the one that places the two in a hospital room, when the artist finds out that he will be a father and proceeds to tell his family.

Furthermore, in the video they also reveal that the child they are expecting is a girl and her name will be Paris. During the concert, Maluma himself plays with the mythical “Maluma baby”, which will soon be a reality. “Our love story,” the singer wrote, sharing the video clip on social networks.

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