guitar body part Iman Alabama D-10CE

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Magnet Alabama D-10CE: The best cheap guitar

guitar body part Iman Alabama D-10CE

Today we want to talk to you about the Alabama D-10CE Magnet, a electroacoustic guitar which is an excellent option for beginners or for those looking for a high quality instrument at a very competitive price.

General characteristics of the Magnet Alabama D-10CE

The Iman Alabama D-10CE is a guitar in Dreadnought format, which is the most popular among acoustic guitarists. This format offers a powerful and round sound, perfect for a wide variety of musical styles.

What are the parts of this inexpensive guitar like?

  • The body: It is made of linden, a wood that offers a balanced and warm sound. The sides and back are also made of basswoodwhich contributes to a uniform sound.
  • The mast: It is made of maple, a strong and durable wood that gives it a longevity brutal to such an important part in an electroacoustic guitar.
  • The tuning fork: It is made of synthetic wood, which is more resistant than natural wood and cheaper to change when it wears out from use.
  • Tablets: integrates the Fishman pickup system, which offers excellent sound quality. The piezo pickup picks up the acoustic sound of the guitar, while the magnetic pickup picks up the electric sound.
  • Metal headstock: is one of the highlights of the Alabama D-10CE Magnet, since it allows us to touch without going out of tune.
  • Frets: are made of nickel so they will last longer. The brass ones tend to wear out with use.
  • Previous: incorporates a tuner for when we need to tune our instrument.

How can we define the sound of Iman Alabama D-10CE?

The sound of the Iman Alabama D-10CE is warm and balanced. The basswood body offers a powerful, round sound, while the maple neck provides a fast and precise response.

The Fishman pickup offers excellent reproduction of the acoustic guitar sound. The piezo pickup picks up the vibrations of the guitar body, while the magnetic pickup picks up the vibrations of the strings.

What accessories does it come with?

This cheap electroacoustic guitar comes with all the accessories needed to start playing, including a case, a set of strings and a cable.

Our opinion

The Iman Alabama D-10CE is perfect for beginners and guitarists who have a tight budget but are looking for a quality instrument at a competitive price. Its warm, balanced sound is perfect for a wide variety of musical styles.

Technical characteristics Magnet Alabama D-10CE

  • Guitar type: electroacoustic acoustics
  • Format: Dreadnought
  • Body: Linden
  • Sides and back: Linden
  • Mast: Maple
  • Diapason: synthetic wood
  • Frets: twenty
  • Tablets: Fishman
  • Accessories: Case, string set, cable

If you want to know more about this guitar MAGNET Stay tuned, we have a great video where we tell you more about her.

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