'Mágica' is Amor Butano's new synth-pop spell

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‘Mágica’ is Amor Butano’s new synth-pop spell

Amor Butano, the synth-pop trio from Valencia, returns with a four-track EP called ‘Te notocambio’ that will be released in the coming weeks. Elefant has published a new preview that immediately ranks among the group’s best songs.

Sharpening the nuts of their sound, so indebted to the pop of the eighties, ‘Mágica’ is a rounded hit by Amor Butano that improves what was offered in ‘Ultravioleta’ by giving itself to the dance floor. Song and production sound especially inspired by today’s Song Of The Day.

In ‘Mágica’, Amor Butano – the trio composed of Diego, Raquel and Sara – offers its best assortment of hi-NRG and synth-pop synthesizers and, projecting one of those “bubblegum” melodies that they are also given, delivers an ode to the magic that lives inside all of us.

‘Mágica’ is officially the first preview of Amor Butano’s upcoming EP. It is to be expected therefore that none of their singles published in 2023, ‘Géminis y Sagitario’ and ‘Planeta Venus’, appear on the album.

The video clip for ‘Mágica’ is directed by Javier Artigas and Óscar Javier. “In the video clip we accompany a magical boy in his daily life,” says the group. “Dances at home, meetings with friends and a very special date in the park, all that and more in this journey that we live through his eyes.”

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