Madrid pays almost 1 million to Carlos Vives;  the opposition criticizes him

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Madrid pays almost 1 million to Carlos Vives; the opposition criticizes him

Carlos Vives performed in Madrid last week as part of the events for Hispanidad. The show featured guest artists such as Ana Mena, Prince Royce, Rozalén, Niña Pastori, Diego Torres and Juanes. This week the conditions of the contract made by the Community of Madrid, governed by Ayuso, have come to light, and the opposition has cried out. It is 847,000 euros, according to El Plural.

The PSOE believes that the contract is “absolutely inflated”, believes that the Community has been “swindled”, and regarding the details of production expenses and allowances they affirm that the prices set out in the 45-page contract are totally “outside the market” . Más Madrid agrees, according to spokesperson Javier Padilla, who criticizes the fact that “the equivalent of the school cafeteria of 700 children for an entire year” has been invested in this show.

Padilla indicates: «He did not receive almost a million euros just for giving a concert, but for showing his affection towards the president of the Community; It is no coincidence that an interview appears in a large national media in which Vives is full of praise for the president and shortly after we find out that she has paid him the equivalent of the school cafeteria for 700 children for an entire year (…) Use public resources as if they were their own assets (…) It is unacceptable.

The Más Madrid spokesperson refers to an interview with El Mundo in which Carlos Vives says that Ayuso is “precious” and “beautiful”, and includes the word “Ayuso” and “love” in the same sentence: “I think it is a woman and an incredible leader. She is supernatural. “I hear very little talk about our Hispanic American community and our heritage with so much love.”

Given the budget controversy, the Popular Party defends that 100,000 people attended the concert and that Carlos Vives is the “number 1 singer in Latin America.” Currently, Carlos Vives does not appear in the top 500 most listened to artists on Spotify, unlike Bad Bunny (4th place worldwide), Shakira (15th place), J Balvin (36th place) or Ozuna (55th place) .

On the other hand, Carlos Vives has also received another 100,000 euros from the Madrid City Council (also Popular Party), for making an advertisement for Bicimad, we assume inspired by his hit ‘La Bicicleta’. The advertisement, which cost 100,000 euros, does not seem to have had an impact or to have even been uploaded to YouTube or TikTok, but it has been posted 3 times on Twitter: once it has accumulated 38 likes, on another occasion 27, and on another only 9. On Instagram it has 404 likes.

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