El Madrid Brillante comparte sus primeras novedades

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Madrid Brillante shares its first news

The festival Brilliant Madrid advances the first details of its third edition, which will take place at the Teatro Eslava between the May 11 and the June 20th.

Madrid Brillante advances the first details of its third edition with the programming of concerts that will take place between May 11 and June 20. Among the names of lineup There are various artistic proposals with artists such as Pinpinlinpussies, Liquid Love, Teo Lucadamo, Stivijoes either The Tyets.

The festival will bring together different artists at the Teatro Eslava, in an edition dedicated to artistic risk and ambition, with five thematic nights wrapped in specific genres. He May 11 Basque-Catalan formation inaugurates the festival Pinpinlinpussies, with a high intensity rock sound capable of making the theater explode. In addition, they will act together Shanghai Babya band full of alternative pop that will give way to the last of the night, The Trinity, characteristic for their garage rock music and their great live performances. He may 31 will begin the second night of Madrid Brillante, with the performance of the dream team Liquid Amor, the formation Error 97 and Youth.

For the third evening, which will take place on 8 of Junewe will opt for the most pop sound with Teo Lucadamo and Barry B., two creative and dynamic artists capable of animating any audience. Together with them the exquisite pop of Martha Knight. The fourth date will be June 7th with the most international proposals: the Russian-Belgian Dyce with its avant-garde pop, The Texanawhich will fill the theater with its irresistible post-punk brought from Mexico and Stivijoes, with a more intimate atmosphere. The closing of the festival will be held on June 20th and will feature the Catalans The Tyets and the electronic pop singer-songwriter Marta Movidas. You can get tickets for the third edition of Madrid Brillante at this link.

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