Madison Beer, on tour in Spain, is looking for another type of "rush"

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Madison Beer, on tour in Spain, is looking for another type of “rush”

Madison Beer is one of the new American pop superstars to emerge in the streaming era. Beer became known like so many artists in the last decade, uploading versions to YouTube, and luck knocked on her door when Justin Bieber shared one of those versions online. From then on, Beer began a career linked to multinational record companies that she continues today.

Occupying that gap that separates alternative pop from radio formula, Beer has released a multitude of singles, some of which have multi-million dollar streams, such as the doo-wop lullaby ‘Reckless’ or the (good) Tame Impala facsimile ‘Home to Another One’, and He has released two albums, ‘Life Support’ (2021) and ‘Silence Between Songs’ (2023). In addition, Beer has given voice to one of the members of the virtual K-pop band K/DA, linked to ‘League of Legends’.

Adding to Beer’s list of achievements is the fact that the artist is about to start a world tour that will bring her to Spain in March. On March 16, Beer will perform at the Razzmatazz room in Barcelona and, on March 17, at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid.

Ahead of the start of ‘The Spinnin Tour’, Beer has released a new single. ‘Make You Mine’ is probably their most determined commitment to the dance floor. A house-pop beat propels ‘Make You Mine’ towards that place of ecstasy. Synth riffs help Madison Beer in her mission to “feel the high.” She sings “I wanna feel the rush”, but this is not Troye Sivan’s ‘Rush’. Beer dances but she does it gently, gliding at the base, enveloped in an ethereal atmosphere, on a cloud.

Elevated in the air, Madison challenges a person to approach her: “get into my mind, you can see the shield, I have you in my walls, don’t be afraid.” In her song ‘Alpha’, Beer achieves a production as “immersive” as that of her second album, nominated for a Grammy precisely in this category, Best Immersive Audio Album. In ‘Make You Mine’, Madison Beer envelops you and makes you “hers.”

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