Macklemore and Vetusta Morla support the camps for Palestine

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Macklemore and Vetusta Morla support the camps for Palestine

The university camps of students protesting against the Gaza massacre have spread from the United States throughout the world and have reached Spain. For a week now, the Faculty of Philosophy of Valencia has been hosting the first in our country, to which – El País reports – soon more camps will be added on campuses in Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia.

In the world of culture, while the EBU criticizes artists displaying Palestinian symbols at Eurovision, other artists freely join the cause. This is the case of Vetusta Morla, who will visit the Complutense University of Madrid this noon at 1 p.m., and the American rapper Macklemore.

Macklemore, known in the pop world for his 2012 hit, 'Thrift Shop', alongside Ryan Lewis, continues his solo career and has released a song inspired by university camping trips in the United States. 'Hind's Hall' is named after the building occupied by the student body at Columbia University, in turn renamed after the death of six-year-old girl Hind Rajab in Gaza.

In 'Hind's Hall', Macklemore raps about camping, US complicity with Israel and institutional racism, among other things, over a sample of 'Ana La Habibi' by Fairuz, the iconic Lebanese singer.

In one of the most striking lines of the lyrics, Macklemore calls out the music industry for its “silence” on the conflict… and quotes by name one of the most popular rappers in the world: “They will never defeat us as long as freedom remains on the horizon / But the music industry remains silent, complicit in its platform of silence / I want a ceasefire, give them a response from Drake.

'Hind's Hall' is available on YouTube and will soon be available on other streaming platforms. All profits from 'Hind's Hall' will be donated to UNRWA, the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency.

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