Luz Casal, Sen Senra, La Casa Azul… in Sonorama Ribera 2024

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Luz Casal, Sen Senra, La Casa Azul… in Sonorama Ribera 2024

The Sonorama Ribera 2024 has presented its final poster. The festival, which celebrates its 27th edition, will take place on August 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Aranda de Duero (Burgos). Betting above all on artists from the national scene, all the names that we will see on stage are already known.

Although the organization announced artists such as La Bien Querida, Mikel Izal, Juancho Marqués, Rayden, Travis Birds, Álvaro de Luna or El Kanka in the first round of confirmations, today the final poster presents many more singers and groups, among them including Sen Senra, Paula Cendejas, Miriam Rodríguez, Hombres G, Marina Reche, Pol Granch, Los Planetas, Varry Brava, Valeria Castro or La Casa Azul. In the international arena, the Argentine Miranda! stand out.

As the organization already reported a few months ago, this year, and unlike other editions, on Wednesday the 7th the festival will take place all day, while on Sunday the 11th the programming will be exclusively morning and free. «We were dying to show everything we will experience in the most anticipated event of the year that also finally unites the Sonorama Ribera family with Vibra Mahou. “This is going to be spectacular!” shared the organization.

The sale of tickets and vouchers is now available on the festival's website,, where you can also find all the information related to the 27th edition. The last VIP tickets are still available.

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