Love of Lesbian and Rigoberta: epic journey to 'Contradiction'

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Love of Lesbian and Rigoberta: epic journey to 'Contradiction'

Love of Lesbian are preparing for the release of a new album. The group, which recently celebrated their entire discography in a WiZink Center packed with people, has been working on new music (as they announced right there) and are ready to publish it. The first preview is 'Contradiction'.

It is a duet with Rigoberta Bandini that takes the form of a typical Love of Lesbian journey song. After an intro that lasts a minute and a half (!!!), where Santi Balmes and Rigoberta sing accompanied by an organ, 'Contradicción' takes flight towards the pop-rock epic of Love of Lesbian's latest album.

The 'Contradictions' of Santi Balmes and Paula Ribó are reflected in the chorus of the song, where Santi and Paula sing that “sometimes he who loses wins something better”, but “whoever invented the phrase did not know you.” Fear of commitment, a complicated relationship with therapy and self-help, and a dart at mass tourism appealing to Ramblas infested with “guiris”, occur in another complex composition by Santi Balmes that does not renounce humor (“take me to the shit, and if we go hand in hand even better »).

«Fleeing from contradiction continues to be a utopia for us. For that reason, and because we accept our inconsistencies, this song and preview of our new album,” the group announced on social networks. “Rigoberta Bandini chooses to save herself from 'Contradiction' and accompanies us in the first sonic preview of our new album,” he continues.

Although there is still no release date or title for their next studio album, which will be the tenth in their catalogue, everything indicates that it could arrive this very 2024. “The albums pass and the emotion is the same,” says Love of Lesbian . It will be the continuation of his 'VEHN (Epic Journey into Nothingness)', from 2021.

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