Los Planetas will play 'Super 8' in its entirety on a new tour

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Los Planetas will play ‘Super 8’ in its entirety on a new tour

Los Planetas will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut, ‘Super 8’, by playing the entire album on a special tour taking place throughout 2024. The dates have not been made public in full, but it is known that Los Planetas is one of the groups confirmed in the Vida 2024 lineup, which takes place at the beginning of July.

Released in June 1994, ‘Super 8’ is the favorite Los Planetas album of its main author, J. In the JENESAISPOP podcast Revelación o timo, J explained why ‘Super 8’ is his favorite album from the Los discography Planets: «I don’t think anything I did after that surpassed it. These are things you do when you’re young. “I have never had that energy, that outburst again.” Evidently, J was alluding to Iván Zulueta’s film debut, ‘Arrebato’, which has inspired his new album, ‘Plena Pausa’, one of the best of 2023.

Javier Aramburu, author of the design of ‘Super 8’, will be in charge of providing the tour with a visual identity “that will expand conceptually and symbolically in each concert.”

On networks, Los Planetas have promised that 2024 will be a “super year” sharing the sum of the numbers 2, 0, 2 and 4, which precisely equals 8.

Los Planetas will play ‘Super 8’ “in its entirety, faithfully adjusting instrumentation, arrangements, setlist and the rest of the elements of the concert to the original concept.” Thus, the group will undertake “the search for a direct experience that guarantees the public the feeling of freedom and future that the album radiates, of the connection with that mental state that allows transcending the immediate environment and traveling to other worlds. Escape, be ecstatic, understand in Super 8.

Podcast Revelation or scam: interview with J from Los Planetas

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