Lolahol, daughter of Madonna, releases video inspired by 'Frozen'

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Lolahol, daughter of Madonna, releases video inspired by ‘Frozen’

Lolahol has released a new single, ‘Spelling’. Madonna’s daughter, whose name is Lourdes Leon but when she records she does so under the name Lolahol, she continues to give her musical endeavors and her new release serves to pay tribute to her mother.

Although Halloween is still a few weeks away, preparations are already being finalized in the United States and Lolahol knows it. Therefore, to get fully into the holiday of October 31, the artist has released a song that plays with the theme. In fact, the video clip is full of bats, a fundamental element of Halloween.

However, what has caught the most attention about this new release is the intentions behind it. The singer has confessed on social networks that ‘Spelling’ has been inspired by her mother. More specifically, for the song ‘Frozen’, which she herself describes as a “timeless work of art.”

«That song (‘Frozen’) has appeared countless times in my life, connecting us both. “I would be nothing without the woman who brought me into the world,” Lourdes Leon wrote on her Instagram account, perhaps referring to the fact that she herself starred in a performance on the subject for Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ tour. The tribute to the theme is also palpable in the video clip, directed by Claire Farin and in which there are nods to some of the scenes from ‘Frozen’.

This is the follow-up to the song ‘Lock & Key’ with which the artist debuted last year. She later released an EP titled ‘GO’.

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