Lola Indigo and Salma (OT2023) pose together in the studio

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Lola Indigo and Salma (OT2023) pose together in the studio

Salma, the fourth expelled from Operación Triunfo 2023, continues with her life outside the Academy looking for her own path in the music industry. For now she can boast of having met in the studio with none other than one of the biggest pop superstars in Spain, Lola Indigo.

Smiling, Salma and Lola Indigo pose in the studio accompanied, on the one hand, by the singer Samuraï and, on the other, by the producer Pablo Rouss. Both Samuraï and Rouss belong to the orbit of Mimi Doblas: Rouss had already produced ‘La llorera’, from the album ‘La Niña’, before sitting in the jury chair for Operación Triunfo, during the current edition.

The collaboration seems logical considering Salma’s presumed musical style, rooted in flamenco (she is from Malaga). Among Salma’s notable performances in Operación Triunfo are her version of ‘When love sets sail’ by Camela or ‘A tu vera’ by Lola Flores, along with her editing partner, Juanjo from Zaragoza. Without going any further, Lola Indigo was just launching the EP ‘GRX’, in which she collaborates with artists from Granada such as Saiko or La Zowi.

Salma is also well surrounded by Samuraï, author of pop hits like ‘Adrenalina’ or ‘Tirando balas’ and, lately, a guest on ‘The beginning of something’ by La La Love You. Samuraï has just visited the Academy to chat with the contestants.

For his part, Pablo Rouss is about to release a new album, ‘Asintomático’, dedicated to his deceased mother. Rouss has collaborated with another great friend of Lola Indigo, Belén Aguilera.

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