Lizzo plays flute with Incubus in Los Angeles

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Lizzo plays flute with Incubus in Los Angeles

In the absence of time telling where Lizzo’s career is headed after the author of ‘Truth Hurts’ has received two complaints for sexual and psychological harassment, the singer has decided to reappear live making a cameo at someone else’s concert. group with which few would have associated her.

At the concert that the nu-metal group Incubus offered last Friday at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, Lizzo appeared to sing and play the flute on ‘Aqueous Transmission’, the song that closed Incubus’ 2001 album ‘Morning View’.

This is not exactly Lizzo’s first public intervention following the allegations. The artist appeared live a few weeks ago to collect an award, at an event also held in Los Angeles. There, Lizzo spoke out publicly for the first time about the controversy, declaring that she had been “needing” to receive some good news.

Lizzo is known – in addition to her success as a singer-songwriter – for her ability to play the flute, and she has always spoken with pride about her conservatory studies. Lizzo has played the flute live on several occasions after ascending to the Olympus of pop. A few months ago, the author of ‘Special’ made history playing a 200-year-old flute at the Library of Congress. And it wasn’t just any flute, but one that belonged to the 4th president of the United States, James Madison.

A la Taylor Swift, Incubus has re-recorded ‘Morning View’ for its 23rd anniversary. The album was supposed to be released on October 6, but its release has been postponed to early 2024.

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