Lagartija Nick, primeras fechas de treinta y cinco aniversario

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Lizard Nick, first thirty-five anniversary dates

The Granada formation Nick Lizard has announced the first dates of their new tour, which will take them to venues all over Spain.

This new tour by the band, with which they will celebrate thirty-five years of their music and which is titled “1989-2024”arrives to take the stage again Nick Lizard. Those of Grenade will play during the month of September on the days 27 and 28 in Las Armas de Zaragoza and the Helldorado room in Vitoria, respectively. A few weeks later, the October 18they will pass through the Ram Club of Valencia and the 26 of that same month for the Shoko Room in Madrid. The month of November is the month with the most dates: Nick Lizard will fill the stages La Trench in Malaga on November 9room Acapulco in Gijón on the 22nd and Room X in Seville on the 30th. For the moment, the last of these first confirmed nights will be that of December 14th in The Nau of Barcelona.

Nick Lizard They were born as a band in 1989 in Grenade. Shortly after Antonio Arias, Eric Jiménez and Juan Codorniú They decide to record together, in a studio and in demo form, the band's first songs. It is more than likely that at that time they did not even consider holding a special tour for their thirty-five years of experience. Nor that some of their albums were going to create a new sound capable of transforming the rules of independent music in our country. There are many songs that are inspired and navigate the sound universe of Nick Lizard. The band from Granada has opened a multitude of paths with their work that were, surely, unthinkable before.

Therefore, now they have decided to celebrate it with a new tour that covers their entire journey: all their albums, all their comings and goings, the bankruptcies and the euphoria, the great successes and some inspiring failures. His thirty-five years of continuous search and excessive curiosity that have made his leader, Antonio Ariasin a myth of the music scene already Nick Lizard in an essential part of the national panorama.

Tickets for the tour are on sale on the Montgri website, except those for Madrid, which can be obtained at Dice, and those for Valencia, available at La Rambleta.

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