Escucha el debut del dúo folk punk Daltabaix

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Listen to the debut of folk punk duo Daltabaix

After maturing the proposal in private, Xavi García and Ramon Mas present to the public “Per no cremar-ho tot” (Discos Pinya, 24), the first album by Daltabaix and an excellent treatise on folk punk that you can now listen to in full.

They say that Daltabaix was born as a duo ten years late, but that it was born when it should have been born. And that is so because Xavi García and Ramon Mashardened in a thousand battles ranging from Zeidun to FPgoing by Els Surfing SirlesMatagalls or Les Cruethave taken it easy to present the songs of Daltabaix.

But we already have them here. Ten pieces of pure feeling and acoustic sound, halfway between folk punk, acoustic punk and emo, without drums or distortion, simply defending themselves with their energy, with their lyrics and with a guitar that turns these laments into song form. in chantable pieces to sing with your fist raised. If you doubt it, listen to “Crits al cor”, “M'enganyo a mi mateix”, “Punt de fuga” or the captivatingly emotional “Raül”. Songs of less than two minutes that are pure feeling and that take us on a journey that goes from the acoustic pieces of Against Me! at Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), going by Pat the Bunny or the New Model Army more melancholic.

“Per no cremar-ho tot” has been recorded by Joan Colomoand mixed and mastered by Joan Peiron in the study L'Orella Espacada.Now that you have all the data, listen to them. It's worth it.

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