Listen to Lorde and Robyn and listen to Fabiana Palladino

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Listen to Lorde and Robyn and listen to Fabiana Palladino

Fabiana Palladino is a singer and songwriter from London who seems to have made it her mission to revive the chic pop of the ’70s and ’80s. ‘Waiting’, one of her best songs, is openly inspired by Prince’s ‘When You Were Mine’, and the The influence of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel on her sound, recognized by herself, is evident in another of her great compositions, ‘Mystery’.

Palladino is an artist associated with producer Jai Paul – author of that legendary leaked album from 2013 – since the beginning of her career. Together, Palladino and Jai Paul have built a nostalgic pop sound that refers to the work of the aforementioned artists. That song that Palladino released with Sampha even before collaborating with Jai Paul seems completely forgotten.

Fabiana Palladino grew up immersed in music. Her mother was a backup singer, her father a session musician who has played with The Who, Nine Inch Nails and D’Angelo. Palladino also took her first steps playing in the bands of artists such as Jessie Ware or Ghostpoet. Kindness called Palladino to collaborate on ‘Cry Everything’ and that’s probably how she was discovered by Robyn, who has recommended her several times.

Also elegant are the singles that have presented Fabiana Palladino’s self-titled debut, which comes out on April 5. ‘I Care’, directly a duet with Jai Paul, you will like it if you miss the first Jessie Ware, the one who sounded like the most sophisticated pop possible. And the second, ‘Stay With Me Through The Night’, is another dose of classic pop set in the transition from the 70s to the 80s.

Names like Minnie Ripperton (from ‘Here We Go’) or Natalie Prass come to mind listening to ‘Stay With Me Through The Night’, which, without giving up the piano and keyboard base, definitely veers towards funky and R&B from the early 80s. The video clip shows Palladino sitting at the piano and is pure 70s pastiche, without any dissimulation.

‘Stay With Me Through The Night’, today’s Song Of The Day, is Palladino’s plea for the person he loves to grant him a new chance. Palladino recognizes that “he has made a mistake” and dreams that “the memory of our love” will return to his life. The premiere of ‘Stay With Me Through The Night’ has led Lorde to recommend Palladino on social media. It seems that her fans have the same taste in writing as she does.

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