Lia Kali estrena el videoclip del bolero “Qué te debo”

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Lia Kali premieres the video clip for the bolero “Qué te Deb”

The Catalan urban artist Lia Kali continues to take steps forward both in terms of popularity and musical richness. Now he surprises us by publishing “Qué te Deb”, a bolero sung from the heart.

Barcelona-born Lia Kali continues to expand her stylistic palette step by step. And it seems that he doesn't set limits. Hence, after participating in the single “La vida sin ti” by Relays Bnow present this bolero produced by Toni Anzis which is called “What do I owe you?”

But let the artist herself be the one to reveal to us everything that is hidden behind this emotional song sung from the heart: “I am twenty-six years old and I am still that girl from Teixonera who started singing as if by magic out of pure necessity.” There was music everywhere in the house but I didn't find it until one day she looked at me and said: “Júlia, yes, you: it's time to start singing. The truth is that I don't know if it was her or.” It was me, but since then I sing to him every day. The music has not left me and with it ambition was born. I am still that girl and at twenty-six years old I thank God for letting me sing to you every day and earn a living from it. Despite that ambition, which sometimes embraces me and other times kills me, that's how I feel right now and that's why I have written a bolero to that part of me, to the ambition and to that girl from La Teixonera. I ask the question: and. Now, what do I owe you? I don't know, I just know that all the boleros will lead you to me, and the bolero has always been the shortest distance between two souls. “You will be with me as you have always been and nothing and no one will take away the glory of knowing that you are not just a dream.”

And let's not forget about his live shows, because if during the next few months he will perform at various Spanish festivals – let's also remember that he was part of the Lollapalooza Argentina lineup a couple of months ago –, at the end of the year he will be performing in Mexico and Argentina to, In April of next year, perform at Madrid's WiZink Center.

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