Leticia Sabater's 'song' of the summer: toto, furros and acrobatics

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Leticia Sabater's 'song' of the summer: toto, furros and acrobatics

Leticia Sabater has released what will with many doubts be the song of the summer 2024. In an attempt to compete with Bad Bunny, Sabater has published 'Titi, cómeme el toto', along with a video clip that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Built on an electronic base that seems straight out of an after party, 'Titi, cómeme el toto' goes for the direct and simple hit. The phrase that is mostly repeated during the 4 minutes of the song is “titi, comeme el toto, comememelo toto, to toto, meow meow”, with the meows practically acting as the hook of the song.

The single takes on a deeper level, even with activist touches, in the next section: “Hot summer, baby empower yourself, party, DJ, beach, sand, sex”, followed by some very uncomfortable moans. However, the video clip, as is often the case in Leticia Sabater's songs, is the jewel of the feature.

After watching it, its purpose is not very clear, but Sabater explains it on his Instagram: “With a video clip so you can dance and sing it on all the dance floors, parties, festivals, at home with your colleagues, beaches.” Now, the impossible shots, Leticia's aerial acrobatics and the entire furry aesthetic make much more sense. The parts in which the Catalan woman walks her dancers on a leash and in which they all pose while putting something with hair in their mouths are the highlights of the clip.

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