León Benavente potencian su cara electrónica en “EN EL FESTÍN”

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León Benavente enhances their electronic face in “EN EL FESTÍN”

Leon Benavente enhance their more electronic side in their new single, “EN EL FESTÍN”, a song for which they have worked with Martí Perarnau IV of _juno and A lot.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Martí Perarnau IV in Estudio Vacaloura (Galicia), in addition to being mastered by Victor Garcia in Ultramarinos Mastering, the song also has a video clip directed by Abel Molina in which they cite as influences from “Hayao Miyazaki to David Lynch”.

The song is a combination of electronic and rock, which makes clear the mentality of León Benavente, who continues to evolve and create a proposal that distances itself from other names on the state scene in search of new paths.

According to the band, the song is “a story, almost a dream, of a banquet, inspired by the film The Exterminating Angel, by Buñuel. We have participated in similar parties, where hedonism, pleasure and appearance are the essence of the event Reality is left at the door. Under that disguise, a community is created that will last only a few hours, or perhaps forever, when someone decides to leave the table, transform and give free rein to their instincts, open the cage and free the people. In our heads, this feast has as much shine and sparkle as it does darkness. It has something industrial, concrete, and it also has something velvety. We are the masters of ceremonies, those who summon their guests to the table, those who bring them. then to the ecstasy of the dance. And we are, at the same time, the main dish on the table”.

“EN EL FESTÍN” appears self-published through the group's label The venturein collaboration with Panda Artist, the creative development of GOZZ Records and distribution of Altafonte.

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