Leak Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 speakers

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Leak Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 speakers

Marketed in 1961the Leak Sandwich It was an acoustic box revolutionary in its timeby attacking the root problems inherent to the loudspeaker systems existing at that time, especially those related to the structure of the cones, through the use of engineering and design principles applied to the fuselage construction. Sixty-two years later, the very veteran (founded in 1934) British firm renders tribute to this legendary realization with two bookshelf monitors equipped with cutting-edge technologywhich respond to the names Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250. Reintroduced and carefully reimagined thanks to the teachings of more than six decades of research and development in electroacoustics, the new sandwich cone from Leak, responsible for reproducing the medium and low frequencies of the spectrum, consists of an extremely rigid aluminum coating on the external surfaces (where fatigue is greatest) and a very thick core, manufactured in a structural foam based on polymethacrylate (PMI), often used by the aerospace and automotive industries.

Leak Sandwich 150 + 250

From there, the use of a precise mixture and in the optimal proportion of the most appropriate materials provides a immense rigidity to said cone, which results in a completely free of mechanical breakdowns of the signal injected into the voice coil, the audible result being a frequency response curve exceptionally soft without violent peaks or drops, in turn a clear indicator of a excellent behavior in the restitution of transients. He too tweeter The Leak has been the subject of an intense re-evaluation process, incorporating a rear chamber with internal damping in order to absorb the rear wave of the transducer. This innovation not only isolates said transducer from the rest of the speaker, but has the additional benefit of reduce the frequency resonance of the same, increasing in parallel the integration level of the different octaves and improving the restitution of the harmonics and, therefore, the ability microinformation analysis.

Leak Sandwich 250

This task is entrusted to a crossover filter executed with audiophile grade components, whose final architecture has been determined after thousands of hours of listening. The Sandwich 150 and 250 are completed with a bass-reflex enclosure Constructed from a mix of composite board and MDF finished in real wood, including a dual port rear ABS and internal reinforcements arranged in a front-back direction. As to electroacoustic configuration, the Sandwich 150 is 2-way/2-speaker (1 30mm textile-covered dome tweeter and a 170mm Sandwich “midwoofer”), while the superior Sandwich 250 opts for a 3-way/3-speaker ( 1 30mm textile-coated dome tweeter, 1 108mm midrange driver and a 280mm Sandwich woofer). To also point out the optional availability of an elegant and sophisticated dedicated floor stand for the Sandwich 250.

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