Lana del Rey reveals what song she wrote for 'James Bond'

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Lana del Rey reveals what song she wrote for 'James Bond'

Lana del Rey attended the Ivor Novello Awards to collect a recognition award. There she gave a speech about the importance of women having the freedom to write about whatever they want.

In relation to the accusation he received at the time of “glamourizing” the abuse, he now seems to respond: “It was very stressful to think that writing about your relationships was something that could be seen as gratuitous, feigning vulnerability. I heard a lot of that. But I want to say that it is something very vulnerable, not only for women. Also for men. “I have learned a lot in recent years from my peers about how to face challenges in music.”

A chat with BBC News is also making the news in which he admits that he does not understand why he has not yet written any songs for the James Bond soundtrack. Lana then acknowledges that at one point she wrote a theme for the saga, but that it was rejected. And she reveals that it is '24', once included in 'Honeymoon'. “I wrote it for them, but Sam you did a wonderful job, really.”

Lana del Rey, by date, must be referring to 'Spectre', and to the song that Sam Smith wrote for that film, which was none other than 'Writing's on the Wall', which ultimately won an Oscar.

As for '24', it is curious to remember that in the review of 'Honeymoon' we were surprised by the violence contained in its lyrics. “There are only 24 hours in a day, and half of them you spend lying awake / thinking about murder and massacre (…) If you lie down with dogs, then you will catch fleas,” she said mysteriously. The reason is that she was thinking about James Bond. We leave you with the theme, whose arrangements certainly couldn't sound more like the classic movie soundtracks.

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