Lana Del Rey responds to an influencer who accuses her of being a witch

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Lana Del Rey responds to an influencer who accuses her of being a witch

Lana Del Rey has finished her fall mini-tour, which took her through 10 cities in the United States. The latest news is that Ella Lana has announced that she will donate all profits from the tour to each of the cities in which she has performed. “I wanted to inform you that she will return every ticket, every dollar, to each of the cities,” she said.

At the same time, Elizabeth Grant faces accusations of witchcraft. Christian influencer Traci Croston has used Lana’s tour to accuse the artist of this practice.

At a recent Lana concert in Mexico City, dozens of people in the audience fell to the ground en masse due to the domino effect caused by one person falling, although some media and social media users suspect that the fall was due to a “mysterious force.” Croston, who is supposedly an expert in demonology, is convinced that Grant is responsible for the accident after practicing witchcraft on stage.

In an unprecedented decision, Lana has decided to respond to the influencer’s accusation to defend her faith. As her fans know about her, Lana was raised Catholic and attends mass from time to time. Furthermore, religion is one of the recurring topics in her work. On her latest album, ‘Did you know there is a tunnel under Ocean blvd’, she directly samples a priest’s sermon.

In a TikTok message, Grant responded briefly but bluntly to the influencer’s accusation: “I know the Bible verse by verse, better than you,” he said. “By the way, you give off Gremlin vibes, and not in a good way.” Lana is not exactly denying that she practices witchcraft, something she could not do, since in 2017 she put two black candles on Donald Trump, earning criticism from another witch, Azealia Banks.

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