Lady Ma Belle estrenan el avance “La chica de las Converse”

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Lady Ma Belle premieres the trailer “The Converse Girl”

The Murcian indie-pop band Lady Ma Belle They release “La chica de las Converse”, a new advance single from what will be their next album “The Surrender”which will be released before the end of the year.

The new song of Lady Ma Belle and new preview of what will be their second album, “The Surrender”has had the production of David Van Bylen “to give it a more disco and dance touch” and with Raul Nacher, who they are working with for the album and who brought that energetic character. And it is the most festival-like and carefree theme of this upcoming premiere.

The video clip of the song has been shot with Lacquer Productionsunder the direction of Jesus Moralesin a place of Murcia. The short tells the story of “The Converse Girl” and different DJs from the best national indie scene will appear. This piece will see the light next May 31.

Regarding the creative process of the song, the group comments the following: “This song came out spontaneously when we were all returning in a van from Madrid of a festival, and you still go with all that energy from that day. One of us started humming a melody and from there, the song began to take shape among everyone on the journey.”

The song is about that magical moment at a festival in which, either because of the atmosphere or the aura of the music, we meet and connect with someone special, with whom we could dance until the soles of our Converse burn. “These are moments that make you disconnect from everyday life and from all the stress and tension we live with,” explain the people themselves. Lady Ma Belle.

Its festive and chantable character makes “The Converse Girl” a festival theme, but also a club, bar, summer terrace, etc. “But there is something that we love and that is when we walk down the street and a car passes by and is wearing one of our songs, that feeling is simply incredible,” he confesses. Felix Perez.

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