'La Pared' is the great rumba of Tu Otra Bonita

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‘La Pared’ is the great rumba of Tu Otra Bonita

Tu Otra Bonita is one of those groups that are recovering that genre called “fusion” for the new times. And they are doing it with great impact, given that their hit ‘Alitas de mar’ with Juanito Makandé exceeds 15 million streamings. Among his star songs is the peculiar ‘Caballo blanco’ with Macaco, as well as a worthy adaptation of ‘Alegría de vivir’ by Ray Heredia.

With four albums published, Tu Otra Bonita has been active for 15 years, but it has been in the last five years when the Madrid trio composed of Héctor Lacosta (vocals), Félix Vigara (guitar) and Alberto Vallecillo (cajón) has begun to stand out, achieving place their last two full-lengths, ‘Truth or Dare?’ (2018) and ‘Crema’ (2021), on the Spanish albums chart.

The fifth will be released in 2024 and Tu Otra Bonita has just presented it with a single that promises to become one of the most listened to of her career. ‘The Wall’ is openly a “continuation” of the Bambino classic, but it is NOT a version. It’s the Song of the Day.

There is no mystery behind ‘La Pared’, a rumbita from start to finish, classic in its use of Spanish guitar and handclaps, but modernized with vocoders in the second verse. It’s funny, in this case, to talk about an alternative to those “dancing with tears in your eyes” songs that we associate so much with nightclubs, because ‘La Pared’ is equally fun as well as moving. Thematically, ‘La Pared’ “explores the theme of impossible loves, through lyrics that reflect the difficulties, obstacles, doors and windows that must be knocked down to get what we really want.”

Aware that ‘La Pared’ is a great song that can make them gain new followers, Tu Otra Bonita promote it with a curious “videodancing” that is a “rumba for indies” tutorial, very necessary if you have spent your life watching on the floor at concerts because you’re a fan of shoegaze. Loose palms, ruffles, a crop top moment and even a cameo by Massiel appear in the funny video. Isn’t this exactly what Benidorm Fest needs? I leave it there…

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