La La Love You abren etapa con “No se te puede dejar nada”

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La La Love You open the stage with “You can't leave anything”

Madrileños La La Love You They have started their new stage with “You can't leave anything”, the first preview of what will be their next album.

In this new song, the band gets much closer to pop to write “one of their most beautiful songs”, according to themselves. “Nothing can be left to you” embraces the sadness and pain of heartbreak through tenderness, kindness, and humor. Faithful to the style of the group's latest songs, it does so with danceable rhythms and a catchy melody.

The launch comes after the great harvest of success that it has brought “Blockbuster” for the music of our country and the career of La La Love Youwith seven platinum albums. Also after sold out that they did months in advance in the WiZink Center at its full capacity. There they presented “You can't leave anything” for the first time, on March 15, before 16,000 people who packed one of the most popular stadiums in the capital.

La La Love You They kicked off their festival tour a week ago at the San San Festival. After this, Madrid residents will go through events such as Warm Up of Murcia from May 3 to 4he Arts Festival of Valencia on June 7he Cruilla of Barcelona on July 13 or the IBF of Benicassim from July 18 to 20among many others. La La Love Youin addition to the festivals, will make their fifth visit to Mexico at the end of June, a tour that will take them to play in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

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