Kokoshca's "one day we will win, when these old men fall silent"

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Kokoshca's “one day we will win, when these old men fall silent”

Kokoshca, a group that wrote hymns like 'La Fuerza', has announced that their new album, their eighth, will be released this year. The first preview, 'Youth', is available this week. Our Song of the Day is one of the new songs that you can listen to on the “Ready for the Weekend” playlist.

The band from Pamplona led by Iñaki López and Amaia Tirapu delivers a song with the aspiration of being an anthem, an aspiration present in its very title, and which is confirmed in the chorus “how heavy all these people are, always criticizing those who are different, they only talk about third parties.” “I want to go somewhere new.”

It is not unreasonable to think that Kokoshca speaks in 'The Youth' of that population sector that resists change and progress. Who can be “different” if not everyone whose mere existence is questioned even from those in power?

The tone of 'Youth' is combative from two points of view. On the one hand, the motorik rhythm takes Kokoshca to outer space. He makes “bang bang bang” like that song from the Melenas. On the other hand, 'Youth' establishes two sides between that young population that wants progress, and that group of “old people” who continue to put stones in the way.

The youthful tone of that phrase “one day we will win, when these old people fall silent” can be sought, ageist in its derogatory description of the elderly. But the promise of a future victory is what leaves the true mark, in this new anthem -yes, we confirm- by Kokoshca.

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