Kim Gordon does not say goodbye in 'Bye Bye', her new beginning

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Kim Gordon does not say goodbye in ‘Bye Bye’, her new beginning

After the release of her debut album in 2019, Kim Gordon is ready to release her second album, ‘The Collective’. The co-founder of Sonic Youth will release a new solo album on March 8, which will serve as the follow-up to ‘No Home Record’.

To introduce the album, Kim Gordon chooses the song that opens it, ‘Bye Bye’. There is nothing more paradoxical than starting a new era with a song titled ‘Bye Bye’, just as there is nothing more strange than starting an album with it. However, that is Gordon’s choice, which sounds aggressive and yet convincing.

Sporting a distorted base in which synthesizers abound, the single’s lyrics barely present an interesting narrative… not even a direct farewell one. But the scenes that he lists over more than four minutes give cohesiveness to the body of the song. So much so that the last minute does not even have lyrical content, giving all the prominence to the strident sound of the song.

‘Bye Bye’ is not a radical departure from Gordon’s previous music; In fact, many similarities can be found with the song that opened his debut, ‘Sketch Artist’. However, the other ten songs that will complete ‘The Collective’ have yet to be discovered. What will he have up his sleeve?

This is the tracklist:

1. Bye Bye
2. The Candy House
3. I Don’t Miss My Mind
4. I’m a Man
5. Trophies
6. It’s Dark Inside
7. Psychedelic Orgasm
8. Tree House
9. Shelf Warmer
10. The Believers
11. Dream Dollar

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