Kendrick Lamar responds to Drake and the saga continues

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Kendrick Lamar responds to Drake and the saga continues

The war between rappers continues in the United States. The last to speak out was Kendrick Lamar, who responded to Drake's songs published in recent days. The song is called 'Euphoria' and is the continuation of his controversial 'Like That', in which he harshly attacked J. Cole and Drake.

The truth is that 'Like That' escalated the war between rappers. “Fuck the big three, black, big is just me,” Lamar sang. The song was not lost on J. Cole, who responded to it on the song '7 Minute Drill' from his surprise album 'Might Delete Later'. Living up to the name, it seems that J. Cole retracted it after a few days, as he removed the song from all streaming platforms despite its great reception.

Who has not retracted his response is Drake, who dedicated up to two songs to Lamar: 'Push Ups' and 'Taylor Made Freestyle'. Although the first is still on digital platforms, the rapper had to delete the second for using fake verses made with Artificial Intelligence from Tupac Shakur. and Snoop Dogg.

Now it is the turn (again) of Kendrick Lamar, who stars in another episode of the saga with the publication of 'Euphoria'. The song begins with a gentle rhythm in which the lyrics become increasingly direct as the end of the first verse comes: “But don't tell lies about me, and I won't tell truths about you.” Lamar threatens Drake to say more about him in future topics if the dispute continues.

Next, the single accelerates and takes on the aggressiveness of the successful 'Like That', which even went to number 1 in the United States. “The first time I shot myself with a Drac', they told me to aim like that / I didn't aim down enough / Today, I show you that I learned from those mistakes,” Lamar raps, playing on Drake's name and the gun. Will there be a response from Drake? How many chapters are left of this saga?

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