Katy Perry's decision that changed David Guetta's life

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Katy Perry’s decision that changed David Guetta’s life

Taking advantage of the end of the year, David Guetta offered an interview to Capital Dance to take stock of the biggest hits of his career. One of them is, obviously, ‘Titanium’, one of the most listened to songs of 2011. And, although it is a collaboration with Sia, the DJ has explained that it was Katy Perry who he proposed it to first.

“I sent him the song and he rejected it, so I begged Sia to keep it,” the musician revealed when talking about the subject. Sia had already worked on the composition of the song previously, but it was not planned that she would be the one to perform it. In fact, after Katy Perry’s refusal, her conditions for singing it were clear: “she did it on the condition that the song had no video clip, no concerts or any type of performance. And that was going to be her last song as her singer.

The success of ‘Titanium’ was such that in the end a video clip was made, but Sia does not appear at any time. And, although it is not known if the song would have also become a hit if Katy Perry had been the performer, David Guetta acknowledges that it “changed the lives” of both him and Sia. «The first time I heard what Sia did I fell in love. “I didn’t want to give her to anyone else, she was perfect just the way she was,” he confessed.

Katy Perry already spoke out about this rejection in 2020 in a video call meeting with David Guetta: “You sent it to me and I remember listening to it on the plane and thinking: ‘My God, what a good song.’ Who is the person on the recording? She should stay. This is a hit song, keep me out, keep Sia in!”

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