Katy Perry hints at new music for next year

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Katy Perry hints at new music for next year

Last night Katy Perry finished her first residency in Las Vegas, ‘Play’, in which she had been immersed for almost two years. The artist has thus put an end to a stage that began in 2020, when she published her latest album ‘Smile’. However, it seems that she is ready to embark on a new project.

The singer has been giving clues in recent days about her next album, which would be the sixth in her discography. An obvious reference was on Halloween, when a ghost appeared on stage with a sign that said “KP6.” The ghost was present throughout the concert, which turned out to be an obvious declaration of intent.

However, it was at her final concert that Katy Perry announced that she will be back in 2024, it being understood that she is talking about new music. “See you next year,” read the giant poster that appeared on the screen.

The truth is that during his residency he has referred to his next era on several occasions. “If you can’t love me in my ‘Witness’ era or in my ‘Smile’ era, then you can’t love me in my KP6 era!” he said at a concert in August, alluding to the poor reception of his two most recent albums. He said something similar last night, shouting “I’d like to see you try to call it a failure one more time!” while he performed ‘Not the End of the World’.

Despite this, it was not until now that Katy Perry confirmed that she would return next year. We will have to wait until then to have more news about the artist’s new project. “Never forget that I’m Katy Perry,” she said goodbye last night.

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